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Mini Intuitive Reading


Dear Friend,


You are at the 'Right Place' to receive ANSWERS to your most TROUBLING HEALTH ISSUES.  


If you are frustrated by the many different healing methods you have tried, "alternative" or "allopathic," to get answers, then spend a few minutes with us as we introduce to you, how this is possible.  


You may be wondering is it ACTUALLY possible for someone to connect to the source of your most troubling conditions, whether you are 5 feet away or 5,000 MILES AWAY? And to provide you with answers you need to Heal and live a balanced life?


The answer is YES.....and you have the opportunity to experience it for FREE! Right now for a limited time. (normally valued at $67).


All life is made up of energy and this energy connects everyone together.  With proper training a person is able to tune into this energy and receive specific information.  


We at Intuitive Health Solutions are highly trained through ancient teaching of Shamanism and Traditional Chinese Medicine along with modern day science such as Functional Medicine.  We are dedicated to helping people like you heal.  


Why? Because when you are healthy, you are happier and this spreads outwards to other people having a global impact.   


The world right now is at a critical place, things need to change in order for things to get better.  We are offering you a chance today to make a positive change.


A Mini Intuitive Reading is right for you if:
  • You are looking for the root cause of 1 Health Issues
  • Are sick and tired of being sick and tired
  • Haven't found the answers to your health issue anywhere else
  • Have unresolved health issues
A Mini Intuitive Reading is not for you if:
  • You don't intent to take any action after receiving your reading
  • Don't think you can heal
What will you receive in your FREE Mini Intuitive Reading?
  • Scan of Your Physical Body to find Root Causes of 1 Health Issues
  • Scan for Your Emotional, Psychological and Soul Blockages that could be causing Health Issues
  • Complete Summary Sent by Email

After reading over your FREE Mini Intuitive Reading, you are welcome to contact us about any questions you may have about it and how we can further help you overcome your Health Issues.


Filling the form out below entitles you to A ONE TIME USE of a FREE Mini Intuitive Reading. It will allow you to see how it works and to experience the power of Medical Intuition! After all, if you plan to be a client of Intuitive Health Solutions, you will want to know if it works for you, wouldn't you agree?


Please enter the information as accurately as possible to make sure that we can connect to your energy. We look forward to helping bring your body back into balance!


PLEASE NOTE: This is a ONE Question Reading.  Please be specific with your questions. We will not be able to do a reading for people who are expecting a full body reading i.e.- "you tell me what's wrong?" That is a full reading question. 


~ Adam Fulmore & Keri Dennis-Fulmore


Use the Form below to Sign Up for your FREE Mini Intuitive Reading!


* 1 - 2 of the most pertinent issues will be covered.
** Services will provide information that goes beyond just 1 or 2 issues and will include as much information as is provided.
***FREE: For as long as we can keep up we will be offering this service, which is valued at $67.00. There will be No credit cards or obligation required when using this service.