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Every week we receive Amazing Stories from clients about how their lives have changed from the Health and Energy Services at IHS.

Below are stories of our clients who have wanted to share their experiences with you.  If you would like to submit a testimonial to us you can on our contact page.

Sonia Vinnik - 7yr old daugther with Nightmares

Guelph, ON, Canada 



Eda Fey 

New York City, NY, USA



Amy Wilder - Inability to Sit Up

Washington, USA



Sue Allen - Prolapsed Bladder, Flu & Common Cold, Bad Relationships

Nipoma, California, USA



Mel Floyd - Digestive Issues

Melbourne, Australia


Alison Compton - Severe Mental & Emotional Stress

California, USA


I just wanted to say thank you for the healing you did for me today! I slept for several hours right after the phone call and I felt more at peace for the rest of the day. I’ve also been thinking a lot about what you said about focusing on doing the things that bring me joy rather than just what will allow me to get by and I’m starting to feel more optimistic about it already. I’m going to try to get in the mindset that I can feel a sense of purpose in life and find work to do that I love as well. That is really cool what you can do with releasing emotional blocks.


IHS Notes: I am so happy for Alison.  She was able to let go of the stress that creating emotional pain for her.  After doing so, she was able to see how she can make big changes in her life to live healthier and happier.


~ Adam

Gwen Shatz - Fatigue, Body Pain

Kelowna, BC, Canada


Keri has extensive medical knowledge and is able to express herself very well.  She has the ability to identify medical issues quickly and has a straightforward approach.    


In our last telephone conversation, Keri felt that I had something going on with my thyroid and asked me to see my doctor in order to get a blood test.  The test results showed I was Hypothyroid!   I was extremely pleased to find out how accurate she was during my reading.  Keri is the real deal!


IHS Notes: I did a Full Medical Intutive Reading with Gwen over the phone.  I have worked a few times with her, and so very glad that I could help her get to the root issue of her current health problem.  Gwen is a pleasure to work with.  


~ Keri

Jenny Rhodes - Anxiety, Nystagmus, Dizziness, Blood Pressure Irregularities

Sioux City, Iowa, USA


Wow is what I have to say about Keri! I’m so glad I decided to get a reading with her.  She explained everything clearly and her calm demeanor made me feel at ease.  I was pleasantly surprised at her accuracy; her insights and protocol have put me on a grounded path to healing. Thank you so much!"


Thanks again,


Jenny Rhodes


IHS Notes: I did a Full Medical Intuitive Reading with Jenny over the phone.  She was very nice, easy to work with and showed me strong determination towards healing and improving her health.


~ Keri 

Eda Fey - Sinus Headache & Ear Pain

New York, New York, USA


Hello Adam, I am doing really well, thank you so much! I was busy all day baking and happy to do it discomfort free, thank you for the healing!



Eda Fey


IHS Notes: Eda contacted me with sinus headache/ear pain in both both ears.  She was using Claritin to deal with the uncomfortableness.  I did one distance healing session on her and found a lot of dark unhealthy energy around her causing it.  Once I cleared the dark unhealthy energy her symptoms went away.  Since then I have recommend specific Energy Medicine exercises to strengthen her energy and prevent being attacked by dark unhealthy energy.


~ Adam

Amy Wilder - Pelvic Floor Weakness, Neck Tension, Emotional Stress

Leavenworth, Washington, USA


Hi Adam, I wanted to let you know that I can now sit up without leaning to the side first.  Whatever was "shut off" or blocked in my lower abs has been restored!  I have not been able to do that in over 12 years.....it is a very odd feeling....after I do a few sit ups, my lower abs feel very strange.  No pain though....just weird. I think it must be like coming out of a coma for that tissue.  


Regardless, I am so thankful for your work!



Amy Wilder


IHS Notes: Amy's small lower abdominal muscles were very weak  and not activating with pelvic floor issues. 3 pregnancies tore through the tissue that held abs together.  She could not sit up without rolling to the side. She had a diastasis repair surgery, which Amy had hoped would change it about 6 years ago but didn't.  It had created chronic tension in her neck and emotional stress.


I am so happy for Amy. She achieved her results after 3 Distance Healing Sessions on the phone with me.


~ Adam

Bella, Teresa Rowand yorkie (dog) - Jaw-Teeth Issues & Seizures

Chilliwack, BC, Canada   


Thankyou so much!! It was like it was startling her even at night she would jump... she must of sensed it... poor Bella... thankyou so much for helping her with that.




IHS Note: Bella (Yorkie - dog) was surrounded by dark spiritual energy.  When I cleared it from her, all of her symptoms when away.  Animals are very sensitive to energy, when they act up they are being effected energetically.


~ Adam

Tui Snider - Uterine Fibroids & Anixety

Azle, Texas, USA


I'm feeling really good, Adam! Now there's NO pain from the fibroids! I'm so happy!  Also, my anxiety is nearly nonexistent. I look forward to checking out the energy medicine exercises.


Thanks again! :D 


IHS Note: Tui received major benefits from only receiving 2 Distance Healing Session.  So, much healing can happen in a short amount of time when the soul receives what it needs.


~ Adam

Sonia - Chronic Digestive Issues


A few years ago I was feeling anxious about my health and some health issues, that have been completely resolved. I feel God led me to Adam Fulmore, who popped up on the internet out of nowhere. And performed a long distance healing that resolved a chronic digestive issue. I have experienced other healings, just by association.


I am so grateful,



IHS Note: It i truly amazing what is possible when a person is ready to heal.


~ Adam

Ritu Sharma - Gallstones & Digestive Problems

New Delhi, India


I appreciate your support and heartfelt thanks for having healed me. You have given your valuable time for my healing and this means a lot to me. Thank you Adam for your support.



Ritu sharma.


IHS Note:  I am so happy for Ritu.  She came to me with gallstones that were as big as 4.8mm.  After 2 distance healing sessions, ultrasound showed gallstones were completely gone.


~ Adam

Krytal Boyd - Lyme Disease and Co-infections

New York, USA


Keri has a true gift of Medical Intuition. I was immediately taken by her precise description of things that were happening within my body and her accuracy. I found her to have such a warm and kind heart. You can sense how truly passionate she is about what she does and her level of care in helping others.


Thank you, Keri.

Katie Beecher, MS, LPC - Thyroid & Hormone Imbalances

Old Saybrook, Connecticut, USA


I am happy to tell you about the reading I had with Keri.  I am a medical intuitive and medium who works with clients all over the world.  Keri is the only person I have ever asked to do a medical intuitive reading on me.  She was extremely accurate with the information about my body, my emotions and even my personal life.  The suggestions she gave me were very helpful and made me think about things in a way I hadn't before.  She knew about supplements to help what I have been dealing with and also about treatments with various alternative professionals.  I highly recommend a reading with Keri Dennis!


IHS Note: I was humbled by Kaite Beecher request to a Medical Intuitive Reading for her, as she is someone I looked up to.





Korey Giordano - Back Pain and Acne

Leland North Carolina, USA


I very much enjoyed speaking with Keri, she is extremely knowledgable and also easy to talk to.  During my session Keri mentioned several times I have some issues going on with my bladder. Although I had no symptoms I asked my doctor to check at my appointment the next day and she confirmed I had an infection and prescribed me antibiotics!! I was so relieved it had been detected by Keri before I had to make another appointment with my doctor and deal with the symptoms! Thanks again Keri, you are so gifted!



Korey G


IHS NOTE: It was great speaking with Korey.  During her Medical Intuitive Reading my guides were very clear that she was dealing with bacteria infection in her bladder, which was creating pain for her.  I am so happy that she was able to get the help she needed and is doing well.  


Blessings and Light, 



Adiellah Gabriels- Heart Palpitations & General Weakness

South Africa


I was over the moon to have won the Free Reading by Keri. She's so sweet and made so much effort to contact me all the way in South Africa. she was incredibly spot on and very knowledgeable about solutions to remedy my ailments. I love the fact that she emailed everything we spoke of so that I can refer to it after the fact. Big plus is the fact that she gave me the possible causes of my symptoms as well as details as to the 'whys and hows' of it all. Would definitely recommend her. Thank you Keri, the reading was much appreciated. :)


IHS NOTES: It was great to speak with Adiellah, she was so patient with the phone connection and so easy to work with in her Medical Intuitive Reading.


Blessings and Light, 



Vicky Gramajo- No Symptoms Given

Connecticut, USA


Keri was so on point with everything about my body and was so incredibly connected to me that she was also able to get a reading on my spirit. Thank you, thank you. Your recommendations are great.


IHS NOTES: It was so wonderful connecting with Vicky, beyond the physical symptoms that came up, her guides also told me a lot about her work and where she was going in life.  I absolutely love when this happens. 


Love and Light, 



Reina Ninomiya – Anxiety, Depression, Negative Thinking, Fatigue

Mobara, Japan


First of all Reina said, "Thanks! I've really changed."


Our daughter (Reina) was overwhelmed with anxiety, depression and had attempted to harm herself right before we took her out of school. After a month we had no idea when and if she'd be attending again. She'd lost her motivation to study, cried daily, and was often too full of anxiety to attend her extracurricular activities.  And she didn't want to see a psychiatrist or take medication.


After each healing session, she slept soundly for at least 12 hours and after the second session, she actually suggested going back to school.  We began giving her supplements that were recommended and continue with those. We had a third session, and as Adam had predicted that was all that was needed.  She is back in school, studying and doing all the things she loves, and she is healthier and happier than she has been in a long time.  I really don't know how to describe what a big change this healing work has made in her life.  Thanks, Adam!


Cherie H – Mother of Reina

Sallie K.

Texas, USA


I've been coming to Adam for about two years now for various health issues for my family and I that I have been unable to tackle myself. I can't say enough good things about Adam and the way he works. I always see positive results from his work, sometimes quicker than other times and sometimes virtually instantly, but always results. I know immediately he is working on me when he does because I feel the energy shifting within me and I just know I'm moving on to better things. I can't thank you enough for all your hard work and dedication to what you do! It really shows in the results you get for your clients!


Sallie K.


IHS NOTE: I have done Distance Healing Sessions on Sallie, her husband and 2 young boys addressing issues such as common colds, food allergies, digestive problems and eczema.  It is nice to know that her and her family have received such great benefit from the Distance Healing Sessions.




Veronica P.  – Insomnia, Headaches, Neck and Shoulder Pain

Montreal, QC, Canada


Adam is a very gifted and intuitive healer. I experienced his gifts at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.  He did in four sessions what psychologists take years to accomplish.  I strongly recommend him.


All the best and thanks.

Veronica P.


IHS NOTE: I really enjoyed working with Veronica; she has a great heart.  We did her Distance Healing Sessions over the phone where I guided her how to heal herself.



Rosie W. – Breast Cancer

Thomson, Georgia, USA


I was diagnosed with breast cancer February 27, 2014.  My Oncologist wanted to schedule me for surgery, but to her dismay I informed her that I was going to seek Alternative Medicine for six months and then return for an ultra sound.

I visited many websites searching for natural cancer cures; many had great information some of which I utilized.  One day while listening to a talk radio show, the guest was an energy healer who stated that she was healed of cancer with energy healing.  I already new a little about energy healing, however, I was skeptical about considering it for myself and if would work for me.  There are hundreds of websites for energy healers many of which I visited most of them did not feel right in my spirit until I came across Intuitive Health Solutions.  After perusing the website, my intuition led me to contact Adam; I had two energy healing sessions, Adam told me why I had attracted the cancer to me, he also told me some things about what was happening in my body such as un-forgiveness which I thought that I had dealt with. During the second session I could feel as if a "war" was going on in my breast. I went back for an ultra sound July 24, 2014 (five months later) and the ultra sound showed no cancer!  I was told by the doctor to come back in six months for a follow-up.

Energy healing works!  Thank you Adam


Rosie W.


IHS NOTE: I am so humble when I receive feedback like.  It also lets me know that anything is possible.   I am so happy for Rosie that she is cancer free.



Jon D. - Blood in Urine, Bladder & Kidney Infection, Fatigue

Boston, Mass, USA


Hi Adam,


About a year ago I had you do several distance healing sessions for my husband Jon and I wanted to update you. I told you he had been getting blood in his urine periodically and the doctor couldn't find the source. You told me you were sensing cracks in his bladder. The doctor never checked for anything like that. He was insistent that Jon have one particular test. He told us that if the test didn't reveal anything, we wouldn't worry about the blood. At that point Jon decided not to go back to him. The blood was sporadic but not constant. We thought it might have been from Metformin so he stopped taking it. However, that wasn't the case.


On February 19th, Jon called me into the bathroom. He was having severe diarrhea and there was blood in his stool. We went to the ER and the doctor on call discovered he has diverticulosis. He was admitted, put on IV and antibiotics for 6 days and the problem has never come back. Apparently, the infection was also affecting his bladder, so you were right on target.


We were referred to a different general practitioner by his cardiologist and are very pleased with him, and no more blood! Jon has never gone back on Metformin because he has terrible side effects from it. The good news is that his ejection fraction has gone from between 15 and 20 percent to 50 percent, mainly due to the CoQ10 he's taking with his heart med.


You were so accurate about a lot of his emotional issues and so helpful when we were dealing with all this, I wanted to let you know about his progress. Thank you again. Have a great weekend.





Lia C. – Post Conscussion Syndrome

Easton, Massachusetts, USA


Hi Keri,

I was completely blown away by my reading. I feel like I have been searching for years to finally get closure on my concussion, and you gave me more than I ever expected - answers!!! It really means more than the world to me. When I first read the email I was laughing out loud in the parking lot and smiling all the way home. I just could not believe how accurate and precise the reading was, and it just made so much sense!! I felt like I was finally understood and with the precise medical information I could finally accept that my symptoms exist.  I'm SO happy, beyond belief, that I finally have answers. You have such an incredible gift and your work is SO appreciated. I think you will be able to help so many struggling people with your gift. I can't believe how simple it was for you to see the problem - it's almost laughable. Doctors could never have!! Thank you so much Keri!
Your information is so accurate, described so thoroughly and easy to understand that I have no hesitations in trusting your full services. Though I feel like your mini intuitive reading already hit the nail on the head!! You stabbed it right in the heart with my ongoing issue. What else could I ask for?! :) And if I have other concerns I now know who to go to!!
Thank you again,
~Lia C.


IHS NOTE: This is feedback from a Mini Intuitive Reading I did for a client.




Leslie Cheverier - Leaky Gut Syndrome, Joint Pain

Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Dear Adam,


I wanted to thank you in writing for the experience I had working with you for the benefit of my well-being. It is by luck that I came across your website, and little did I know how profound that stroke of luck would be.

Energetic healing sessions are hard to wrap your head around at first, but after having my mini reading and subsequent healing sessions, the blockages that you found within my energetic being was of no surprise to me, it seemed familiar, yet at the time I did not know how to access them or deal with them effectively…. You also had the ability to identify things that I did not know were there for me, but made a lot of sense in the grand scheme of things, each session was like a new discovery.

I think the element that stands out most for me, was the shift in energy that I felt through-out the weeks-feeling lighter, more energized; more at peace-confident, subtle shifts with profound outcomes I could certainly ascertain that my Aura received a lovely de-cluttering!

Your healing sessions are gift. I very much appreciated having someone guide me through the process of healing, clear away the congestion and set me on the right course. I know I ultimately am my own healer, but the guidance I received was worth its weight in gold.


Leslie Cheverier
Calgary, AB.
September 26, 2008


IHS NOTE: I am very happy about Leslie speedy recovery.  Before she contacted Keri and I she was contemplating going back on drugs to help deal with her symptoms. Since receiving Distance Healing Sessions from me her life has greatly improved. To begin where Leslie started, please take advantage of one of the Free Mini Intuitive Readings offered on this site. Your health and wellbeing begins by taking this first step .

Blessings and Light.


Karen Logan - Chronic Pain

Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

For years, I have had a pain in my back that really bothered me from time to time, especially when I would sit or lay down on a soft surface, walk on sand or uneven ground, and when I was tired. I had seen a chiropractor and an acupuncturist about this pain and found no relief. I even tried doing energy work on myself, as I am a Reiki practitioner, but it was too difficult to do on myself. 

I talked to Adam about it and, after doing a distance healing scan, he told me it would take five distance healing sessions to resolve the pain. He was right. It wasn't completely gone after the fifth session, though after two weeks, I noticed the pain was gone. Also, he recommended I do a liver cleanse. 

If you are open enough to the changes that light and energy work can bring, and can trust in your body's own wisdom, then Adam could very well be the person to help you achieve your optimal level of well-being on an emotional, physical and spiritual level.



IHS NOTE: It's been 6 months now since Karen first contacted me about her pain and she is doing well.  She has contacted me since because of other pain issues, which have also been resolved. To receive assistance like Karen, please take advantage of one of the Mini Intuitive Readings offered on this site. Your health and wellbeing begins by taking the first step.


Julia Mcclure - Hormone Imbalances, Liver Toxicity

Hillsboro, Oregon, USA

Keri was amazing in her ability to see and feel what was going on with me. I felt she was my only option for help, as the doctors I was going to were not helping me find answers. I always felt that my liver was stressed, and she knew right away about my hormonal issues. She gave me peace of mind that I was not crazy. I felt I knew all along what was going on with me, but it felt so good to actually hear her confirm my beliefs. I feel grateful that I came across her site. She has helped my life so much, and I would recommend her to anyone who needs to find answers for their health. 


Julia's Pet Care

IHS NOTE: It's now been 6 months, and Julia is doing great, it is so wonderful to hear that.  If you would like assistance like Julia, please take advantage of one of the Mini Intuitive Readings offered on this site. Your health and wellbeing begins by taking the first step.


Marjorie - Leaky Gut Syndrome, Menopause Symptoms, Stiff and Inflamed Joints

Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Hi Adam and Keri,

To say I have become a believer is an understatement. I had heard about Medical Intuitives but didn't know how to find one. I came across your web site by accident. I decided to take the chance.

Keri has an amazing gift. I felt she really described all the issues I had been feeling. She outlined a specific program for me that is working extremely well.
Adam is an especially gifted healer. I had wondered how Distance Healing could work. The first session, I could actually feel the energy and, after each session, Adam would send me an outline of the specific areas he had worked on. Now, after the five sessions, I feel well on the way to recovery. I feel lighter, more balanced; my energy just feels different. I am grateful for finding these two wonderful, compassionate healers. THANKS for helping achieve balance and heath, and I especially thank you for your gifted guidance.

Bright blessings,


IHS NOTE: We are very happy about Marjorie's changes in health. At times like this, we feel blown away how quickly people like Marjorie can heal. Making some dietary and supplement changes, along with clearing some old stagnant energy and replacing it with healthy energy, does wonders. To begin where Marjorie started, please take advantage of one of a Mini Intuitive Reading offered on this site. Your health and wellbeing begins by taking this first step. 

Blessings and Light,

Adam and Keri

Nicole Nyugen Van Binh - Hyperthyroid, Heart Palpitations, Anxiety, Etc.

Hollywood, Florida, USA

It's been a very nice experience working with Adam Fulmore. He is a kind and compassionate human being. Besides his professionalism, he takes the time to listen and provide the best service to his patient. He is really working with you. I would recommend him to anyone who has the sincere desire to work and improve on himself/herself, whether it is physical, mental, emotional and more, and I would call him again if the needs arises.


IHS NOTE: I am happy about Nicole's healing progress.  When she first contacted me, she was dealing with some uncomfortable symptoms. Since receiving distance energy healings from me, her life has greatly changed. To begin where Nicole did, go to the Distance Healing Sessions page. Your health and wellbeing begins by taking this first step.

Blessings and Light,


Sue Allen - Emotional Imbalances, Fatigue, Body Pains, Etc.

Nipomo, California, USA

How I found Adam was, I had a psychic reading done that told me to find a Theta Healer. I knew nothing about Theta Healing, so I googled it on the Internet, and Adam's website popped up. The great thing about Adam's website is that I was able to do a free distance healing scan to tell me whether he was someone I wanted to work with.

I had many emotional issues with feeling unsafe and fearful, which kept me in a stuck place, afraid to speak up for myself, and basically not enjoying life.

Physically, I had low energy and my body hurt a lot.

So, I did the free distance healing scan. Adam's results blew my socks off. First, how did he know these things about me? I had never met him or talked with him on the phone. I could feel I was in the right place.

We began to work on my emotional issues, mainly the fear. I started to become more confident as we worked together. Today I am free of the old fears.

Also, I had bleeding gums from all the fear I had been holding in my body, and in a session we cleared that up.

I had issues with eating habits. We changed my diet and how I ate, which has helped me to feel clearer, more in control of my life, and my body feels healthier.

I have scoliosis, and he gave me the name of a procedure and a person to go see to align my first vertebrae. I felt much better after having this done.
I had family members that caused me a lot of grief. We removed the blocks that were causing the grief, and now I feel great.

Another wonderful thing is I had a cold, and Adam took care of that too through Theta Healing. It was gone in a couple of days, and I felt much better after that session. I feel when I have a Distance Healing Session with Adam, it's like having a tune-up.

I came back from a trip and was feeling really tired and heavy, so we did a distance healing session on this and, by the end of my session, I felt a whole lot lighter. You feel like a million bucks after all the emotional, physical and mental issues are gone.

I am so glad I found Adam and beyond grateful for the experience. I feel amazing and my heart is full of love, the way everyone is meant to feel.

Sue Allen 

IHS NOTE: I am delighted about Sue's overall health progress.  When she first contacted me, she was being controlled by her fears and insecurities leading to a number of different health problems and symptoms. Since receiving Distance Energy Healing her life has greatly changed. To begin where Sue started, please take advantage of a Free Mini Intuitive Reading offered on this site. Your health and wellbeing begins by taking this first step. 

Blessings and Light,


Heather Mills - Thyroid Hormone Imbalances, Allergies

Mc Cune, Kansas, USA

Before working with Adam, blood work had shown that my thyroid levels were low. My doctor recommended I start taking a prescription thyroid drug. Instead, I did 2 Distance Healing Sessions with Adam. A few weeks later I had my blood work done again. My thyroid levels were back to normal. I am so thankful that I did not have to resort to taking a prescription medication. Adam also discovered mercury toxicity in my body that was an underlying cause of other health issues I was dealing with. After removing the mercury, these issues were resolved. I'm so blessed to have found Intuitive Health Solutions.

Heather Mills

IHS NOTE: It's been 3 months since Heather received her Distance Healing Sessions.  I am so happy, her health issues were resolved within 2 Distance Healing Sessions.

Blessings and Light,


Natalie Flowers - Feeling Trapped, Living an Unhappy Life

Austin, Texas, USA

Since my distance sessions with Adam I have left my unhappy relationship, lived through a 10 day master cleanse, and let go of many people who have been draining my energy. So far, so good.
I'm living with a few friends and practicing lots more Kundalini yoga and eating lovely organic foods.
I am practicing a meditation to let go of childhood anger and one to reclaim my spirit, which I think left for awhile out into the ethers, or beyond.
I'm coming home. 

I asked for this recently in a 2.5 hour long group Kundalini meditation.
My desire to integrate healing and music is now starting to take form and I'm taking steps to be doing more of that and less of the corporate massage that I am doing to make money right now.
Adam, I cannot thank you enough for your energetic and spiritual gifts.

Natalie Flowers


Julia Eubanks - Chronic Pain, Infertility, Hormone Imbalances

Hillsboro, Oregon, USA

I had been suffering from low thyroid, estrogen dominance, lots of hormonal problems as well as chronic pain, anxiety and I was always tired and had a deep sadness within me. I also had what doctors called unexplained infertility. I am 29 and felt that I am way too young to have all these health issues. I never felt doctors helped me in any way, always wanting to just cover up my problems with medicines that would cause me more health problems. As I was praying for guidance and a healing I came across this site Intuitive Health Solutions. I usually turn away but this voice told me to stay and look around. I was then told by my angels to sign up for healing from Adam Fulmore. Long story short I signed up for 3 Distance Healing Sessions for hormone and emotional issues. It was a lot of work even on my part to release this energy to be set free. A lot of crying a lot of talking and a lot of healing. My back no longer hurts I feel great emotionally and spiritually and then the most shocking after two years of seeing doctors about my infertility... after our last healing in October I found out I am 5 weeks pregnant. This to me is amazing and I give the healings done by Adam full credit to this miracle. 

Julia Eubanks

IHS NOTE: Wow, this is amazing news.  Julia only received Distance Healing Sessions and gained great benefits from them.  I appreciated Julia's comments about her healing being "a lot of work." But, as Julia found out, health is worth it!  

Blessings and Light,


Doris Stonehouse - Insecurities and Irrational Fears

Quesnel, British Columbia, Canada 

I have experimented with many healing modalities over the past few years. Most recently I have worked with Adam Fulmore where we did remote Theta Healing sessions over the phone. I am very happy with the results. 

Until I began doing some personal development & healing work a few years ago, I had never stopped to consider the effect on me of something that happened to my sister when she was 12 and I was 5, as I had no conscious memory of the event. I have since discovered that basically I went into 'self-protection mode' at that point in my life, deciding I had to stay small, quiet, unseen & unheard to be safe. As an adult I became frustrated at my lack of confidence in myself, despite being blessed with many gifts & talents. I suffered from anxiety and generally felt stuck & unable to move forward despite a fervent wish to make positive changes in my life.

By clearing a huge number of fears about not being safe in the world and a general unease with other people because of issues of distrust, I can now see huge shifts in my life from where I was then to where I am now. I am about to begin teaching health & wellness classes, which would have been way out of my comfort zone a few years ago! And I am thrilled to be developing my own energy & sound healing business, using my talents to do something I love, and helping others to find their way to happier, more productive & fulfilling lives through the knowledge that I have gained in my own search for healing. 


IHS NOTE: It is so nice to hear feedback from Doris and to know that her life has greatly improved and is now able to do what she truly loves and feel passionate about.  It is when we do what we love and feel good about is when we are able to create a higher level of health and happiness for ourselves.

To grow and heal just as Doris has, sign up for Distance Healing Sessions. 
Blessings and Light,