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Can a Medical Intuitive and a Distance Healer on the other side of the COUNTRY, or even the other side of the PLANET tap into your energy field to help you heal disease in your physical and energetic body?

AND are we able to PROVE, ABSOLUTELY beyond a SHADOW OF A DOUBT that we can do it WITHOUT you spending a penny to find out if it is possible?

What if you can test out Medical Intuitive Information and Distance Healing for FREE ... without you having to spend ONE DOLLAR to find out if it can actually work for you?

That's right ... FREE. We take the risk, you figure out if Medical Intuition and Distance Healing can help you with your HEALTH CONDITION!

Dear Friend,

Do you feel like you have been fumbling in the dark to find the right solution for chronic conditions that affect your health and wellbeing, going back and forth between modern and traditional medicine ... managing "symptoms", but never finding relief from the condition that keeps you from experiencing your fullest health potential?

Well, the answer is simple. On a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level there is something going on inside of you. An energetic imbalance may be manifesting on the physical level ... or, a physical issue is bringing disharmony to your energetic body. Either way, ALL HEALTH ISSUES are interconnected! Healing needs to happen on all levels!

What happens on the physical level also its counter part condition on different energetic levels. Often, physical issues are connected to emotional and mental imbalances, and vice versa. It creates a host of debilitating problems for those individuals affected.

ie: Your body is talking to you.


The problem is that many diseases, body imbalances and health challenges are actually SYMPTOMS of deeper issues. While some of these issues might be obvious, we are sure others will surprise you ...

But where do you start? Well, this website will give you the opportunity to prove to yourself that the information you are seeking is readily available within the universal field of energy that we, you and everyone is a part of!
Marjorie - Leaky Gut Syndrome, Menopause Symptoms, Stiff and Inflamed Joints
Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Hi Adam and Keri,
To say I have become a believer is an understatement. I had heard about Medical Intuitives, but didn't know how to find one. I came across your web site by accident. I decided to take the chance.

Keri has an amazing gift, I felt she really described all the issues I had been feeling. She outlined a specific program for me that is working extremely well. Adam is an especially gifted Healer. I had wondered how Distance Healing could work. The first session I could actually feel the energy, and after each session Adam would send me an outline of the specific areas he had worked on. Now, after the five sessions I feel well on the way to recovery. I feel lighter, more balanced - my energy just feels different. I am grateful for finding these two wonderful, compassionate healers. THANKS for helping achieve balance, heath and I especially thank you for your gifted guidance.

Bright blessings,

IHS NOTE: We are very happy about Marjorie's changes in health. Times like this I feel blown away how quickly people like Marjorie can heal. Just by making some dietary and supplement changes, along with clearing some old stagnant energy and replacing it with healthy energy does wonders. To begin where Marjorie started, please take advantage of one of the FREE Mini Intuitive Readings and/or Distance Healing Scans offered on this site. Your health and wellbeing begins by taking this first step ... Adam and Keri. Blessings and Light.

Whether you live in Nebraska, or Cape Town, South Africa, the spiritual energies that we talk to, the guides that watch over you and this universal energy field that we are all connected to will help us uncover what is blocking your way to perfect health and energy.

And we will uncover your blocks through the power of Medical Intuition, Theta Healing, Medical Qi Gong, Distance Healing and our own methods of communicating with the universal field ... and it BEGINS here.

It is only when you truly understand the root causes of your condition are you be able to change it.

Now I finally have a plan! The energetic healings have been amazing and the insight from Keri is the information I have been looking for years ... thank you so much!
- Stephanie T. Nelson, BC

Nothing happens by chance. There is a reason why you CHOSE to come to this website today. There's a reason why we are talking to you right now. And there is a reason why you need to take ACTION.

We are so confident that we can help you to find YOUR road to better health, that we are willing to take the risk by letting you use of Medial Intuition, Keri Dennis's Mini Medical Intuitive Readings, or Practitioner of Energy Healing, Adam Fulmore's Distance Healing Scan services for FREE, so that you can verify the power of distance healing and medical intuition in your own life!

Although this is a $67.00 service, you are entitled to a ONE TIME USE of this service for FREE, during the month of  for FREE!

Excuse me?

That was not a typo. We actually mean it. Choose either the Mini Medical Intuitive Reading or Distance Healing Scan options below to find out more!

  Keri Dennis, Medical Intuitive
Medical Intuitive Readings

Experience the power of Medical Intuition. Get the answers you are looking for with a detailed health program and an action plan for getting the results you need.

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  Adam Fulmore, Distance Healer
Distance Healing Sessions

Experience the power of Distance Healing. Energetic Healing, Physical Healing and the information that comes from the universal field.

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