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Welcome to
Intuitive Health Solutions

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Can a Medical Intuitive and a Distance Energy Healer on the other side of the country, or even the other side of the planet tap into your energy field to help you heal disease in your physical and energetic body?


And are we able to PROVE, ABSOLUTELY beyond a SHADOW OF A DOUBT that we can do it without you spending anything to find out if it is possible?


What if you can test out Medical Intuition and Distance Healing for FREE ... 


That's right ... FREE. We take the risk, you figure out if Medical Intuition and Distance Healing can help you with your HEALTH CONDITION!


Sign Up for a FREE Mini Intuitive Reading

*no credit card required.


Now I finally have a plan! The energetic healings have been amazing and the insight from Keri is the information I have been looking for years ... thank you so much!


– Stephanie T. Nelson, BC


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